Herní klient


5.8.9 (30.06.2017)

– Fixed: Game lags and disconnections when the CPU gets saturated.
- Improved: Several Windows 10 Tweaks.

5.8.8 (14.12.2016)

– Improved: Network Engine and Service Overhaul (fixes disconnects, crashes etc.).
- Improved: Better peer to peer connectivity.
- Fixed: A lot of red X glitches.
- New: Traffic Controller (limit upload bandwidth).
- New: Game Finder (turn on if you have issues with game discovery and switch setting to find the best for your game).
- Fixed: Friend list grey or not updating.
- Fixed: Parental control opening every time.
- Improved: Adapter detection and startup.
- Fixed: Bookmarks not saving.
- Improved: Client start page and right sidebar (now shows topics).
- Fixed: Network_Range emulator.
- Fixed: Network adapter for local connectivity reverting to auto.
- Fixed: Wrong online status displayed for friends.
- Improved: Smaller client minimum size for Basic Plus, Premium and Lifetime.
- Improved: Setup process.
- Improved: Network join process.
- Improved: Removed uneeded embedded browser plugins.
- Fixed: Banners stealing focus.
- Fixed: Tunngle DNS is now disabled by default (should help the ones with web browsing issues).
- Improved: Added more network filters.
- Improved: Master server connection should now be less prone to errors.
- Fixed: Forcebind install loop glitch.

5.8.7 (23.06.2016)

– Improved: New memory manager for Tunngle.exe and TnglCtrl.exe (should help with freezes).
- New: Tunngle Grey Skin.
- New: Favorite Tunngle Skin selection during the setup.
- Improved: No banners for Premium subscribers before login.
- Improved: Sponsor window is now less intrusive.
- Improved: Service thread handler stability.
- New: Option to disable Web Frames Sounds.
- New: Client now saves Network List sort order.
- Fixed: Tunngle Service crashes and silent disconnects.

5.8.6 (11.05.2016)

– Fixed: Red X issue when switching networks.

5.8.5 (10.05.2016)

– New: Tunngle Adapter Driver v9.0.0.21.
- Improved: Adapter setup and driver folder structure.
- Improved: Game Launcher (Play Button, ForceBind support, Run as Admin, Windows Firewall Creation).
- Fixed: Not able to close sponsor window.
- Fixed: Error 2–109 false positive.
- Improved: Sponsor Window placement and counter.
- Fixed: Tunngle.exe not starting.
- Fixed: Tunngle Service errors.
- Fixed: Some Tunngle.exe and Tnglctrl.exe Zugriffsverletzungen errors.
- Fixed: Messenger Windows stealing focus from other applications (including full screen games).
- Fixed: Game buy panel not giving up to date offers.
- Improved: Filtered local area network packets by Logitech software.
- Fixed: Game launcher working directory.

5.8.4 (22.12.2015)

– Updated: New driver signature for the players that were having issues installing the adapter.

5.8.3 (07.12.2015)

– Fixed: Zugriffsverletzung error appearing at runtime.
- Fixed: Adapter Signature missing on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

5.8.2 (04.12.2015)

– Added: Driver is now signed by Microsoft (should solve Windows driver signature error).

5.8.1 (30.11.2015)

– Fixed: Access violation error popping up during Tunngle.
- Fixed: Network game launcher button doesn't work.
- Fixed: Network Adapter Driver Signature error.

5.8 (27.11.2015)

– Improved: Adapter signature error on some systems.
- New: Advanced login form.
- New: Start page help system (please help us translate on the forum).
- New: Start page services (video, forum, game launch, help).
- Fixed: Start fail with non-sse2 processor.
- Updated: Tunngle.Net GmbH certificate renewal.
- Fixed: Sponsor window can't be closed.

5.7 (27.10.2015)

– Added: Option to manually select the Adapter for Local Connections.
- Improved: Local network peer discovery.
- Added: Parental control.
- Added: Client now saves Window Position.
- Improved: Client and Server stability.

5.6 (25.09.2015)

– Added: Solution for handling Tunngle Adapter problems on Windows 10.
- Added: Basic Plus Feature.
- Added: Chat Tips.
- Improved: Content support for the embedded web browser.
- Fixed: Issue joining some Networks.
- Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat can cause problems.

5.5 (27.08.2015)

– Fixed: Issue with the ARP Controller.
- Fixed: Direct chat messages windows stealing focus from each other.
- Improved: Media content support for the embedded web browser.

5.4 (25.08.2015)

– Improved: Client Advertising System for a better User Experience.
- Improved: Tunngle Network Adapter Controller for greater Stability and Performance.
- Added: Network Broadcast Compatibility Tool for an improved game discovery support (Assetto Corsa etc.).

5.3 (14.07.2015)

– New: Chromium Embedded Framework 3.
- Improved: Client Stability and Performance.

5.2 (10.03.2015)

– Fixed: The client freezes on startup.

5.1 (17.01.2015)

– Fixed: Incoming direct chat window minimizes full screen games.
- Added: Manual Reconnection for Tunngle Basics.
- Added: Automatic Reconnection for Premium members.
- Added: Automatic Updater for Premium members.
- Fixed: Wrong program name in Windows „Add or Remove Programs“.
- Fixed: Port_Forward port is set to 0 on updating.
- Added: Integrated G2A Game Buy option.
- Fixed: Message-box loop when switching from a network to another one.
- Fixed: Russian Setup download panel is not showing Cyrillic characters.
- Fixed: Adapter detection routines.
- Fixed: Adapter updating issues.
- Improved: Switched to the Unicode Installer for better multi-language support.
- Fixed: Black-list is not properly parsed when a blacklisted player reconnects to a network.
- Fixed: Slow/broken setup downloads when using the on-line installer.
- Fixed: The detach lobby window button remains pressed after the first click.
- Fixed: Detached lobbies are not updating properly when a member joins or leave.
- Fixed: Detached lobby notifications are not working.
- Improved: Integrated web frames loading process.
- Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat can cause an error message and a crash.
- Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat does not properly show the action menu.
- Fixed: Community banner rotation steals focus from the network chat input box.
- Fixed: Cannot join a chat lobby after leaving it.

5.0 (03.11.2014)

– Left Beta Status
- New: Premium Subscription support.
- New: Tunngle White Skin.
- Improved: Network and Lobbies now have the same feature set (colors, icons etc.).
- Improved: Client:Private_Networks Control Panel
- New: Chat Lobbies can now be detached into a separate window.
- Improved: New Language Pack.
- Fixed: Interlink issues.
- New: Friends are now highlighted in the Network Nick List (Premium Feature).
- Improved: More time to read tooltips.
- New: Interlink Servers are now grouped.
- New: Option to automatically allow or deny Friend Requests.
- Improved: Graphical User Interface Menus.
- Improved: Black_List handler.
- Improved: An incredible number of minor improvements and bugfixes. (06.11.2013)

– Implemented new certificate. (02.09.2013)

– New: Tunngle Beginner's Video Guide.
- Fixed: Connectivity Problems with Modems and NAT-Less Connections.
- Improved: Stability and Performance of the banner panels.
- New: Adobe Flash Player detection.
- Improved: Stability and Performance improvements. (16.08.2013)

– Fixed: Router NAT Detection issue. (08.08.2013)

– Improved: Network Join Cycle Stability.
- Improved: Client:Private_Networks Join Operation.
- Fixed: Router NAT Detection issue.
- Fixed: Automatic Sidebar Rotation.
- Fixed: Client freeze.
- Added: More Detections for NAT Routers. (30.07.2013)

– Fixed: Chat Focus loss during Ad Rotation.
- Fixed: Quick Access Button Icon.
- Fixed: Error message on Windows Shutdown.
- Fixed: Launcher Button giving an error.
- Fixed: RuntimeData Registry keys not being updated correctly.
- Fixed: Adapter Startup issues.
- Fixed: The Tunngle Adapter is not set to Primary.
- Fixed: Adapter Configuration problem (DHCP).
- Fixed: Adapter Verification Problem.
- Fixed: Adapter Detection Problem.
- Fixed: Connection handling on reconnect.
- Improved: Adapter Startup.
- Improved: Port_Forward Test.
- Improved: Connectivity in Networks. (24.06.2013)

– Fixed: Some http connections aren't closed.
- Fixed: Problems with some http connections.
- Improved: http connection performance. (21.06.2013)

– New: Virtual IP address range option.
- New: Server-side Network Address Emulator.
- New: Added support for Premium Subscription Features.
- Improved: Stability and Performance improvements.
- Changed: Login sound.
- Fixed: Unwanted pop-up windows.
- Improved: Banner rotation is suspended when the client window is out of focus.
- Fixed: Rich-edit error message.
- Fixed: OnShow error message.
- Improved: Stability and performance of the banner panels.
- Fixed: Network Explorer is empty after login.
- Improved: Faster connection to the master servers.
- Improved: Reduced login time.
- Improved: Reduced client startup time.
- Fixed: Client freezing on startup.
- Fixed: Client Window flickering on startup.
- Fixed: On-line Status not updating correctly for some members.
- Improved: NAT Detection for better p2p connectivity.
- Fixed: Automatic Reconnection problems.
- Fixed: Several Connection problems.
- Fixed: Gadget Favorites Settings do not work properly when IE10 is installed. (20.03.2013)

– Fixed: „Don't show again“ option not working properly for the yellow help bar.
- Fixed: Chat log GUI control allows to edit text.
- Fixed: User ID missing from the leaving network notification.
- Fixed: Truncated yellow help bar text.
- Fixed: Bookmark panel right-click sorting glitch. (13.03.2013)

– New: Option to hide the bottom Community Banner for Premium and Lifetime Customers.
- New: Premium and Lifetime Customers can now write yellow text in the chat.
- New: Members of the Enthusiast Group can now write blue text in the chat.
- New: Links posted in the chat can now be clicked and opened in the Default Web Browser.
- New: Display Nickname change option for Premium and Lifetime Customers.
- Improved: Client:Private_Networks Control Panel optimization.
- Fixed: Tunngle API, Protocol and Launcher failure on JoinNet and JoinNetForce commands.
- New: Option to search, ban and add friends using the ID.
- Improved: The Network Log now includes the ID for black-listing purposes.
- Added: More yellow help tips to improve the understanding of the client interface.
- New: Subscription Status Panel to give more feedback about the Tunngle Subscription Status.
- New: Buttons for our YouTube page and for our Web Browser Games offer.
- Improved: Starting Tunngle when the client is already running now restores the main window.
- New: Enhanced scroll bar and auto-scroll management for the network chat.
- Improved: Hover tips for the following buttons: Don't Panic, Messenger, Game Launcher, Video Search.
- Improved: Several skin tweaks and fixes.
- Improved: Tunngle now restores the messenger panel to its last known state. (26.11.2012)

– Fixed: Cannot connect to lobbies. (26.11.2012)

– New: Premium Private Networks.
- New: Tunngle Lifetime Features. (15.11.2012)

– Improved: Messenger is now working as intended.
- Improved: Skins and localizations for all the messenger windows.
- Improved: Every private chat gets its own taskbar entry.
- Fixed: „Thanks for voting“ box showing up on every restart.
- Fixed: Network join and leave notifications played when not in a network.
- Improved: Peers with connectivity issues are now marked with a red icon.
- Fixed: Tunngle prevents Windows shutdown.
- Improved: Several tweaks and fixes. (02.10.2012)

– Fixed: „C:\Program“ folder preventing the Tunngle installation for Swedish users.
- Improved: Sound toggle icon.
- New: Banner frames can now be modified according to the skin.
- New: Additional chat commands (/help /ipsearch).
- Improved: Server performance and stability. (25.09.2012)

– Fixed: Several tweaks and fixes.
- Updated: Adapter driver signature. (19.07.2012)

– Fixed: Startup Freeze.
- Changed: Tunngle DNS syntax from „t.nickname“ to „nickname.t“.
- Improved: UPnP operation of some routers.
- Fixed: Socket issues causing a 4–104(2) master server connection failure.
- Added: Status bar sound toggle icon. (01.06.2012)

– Fixed: Adapter Installation Problems. (30.05.2012)

– Fixed: Focus gets lost when typing in the chat.
- Added: Don't show again option for the close dialog.
- Changed: New Master Server addresses.
- Added: Windows 8 setup.
- Fixed: Tunngle API issues. (19.04.2012)

– Improved: Tunngle Client Graphical User Interface.
- Added: Clear Chat Command (Syntax: /clear).
- Added: Port Status Icon.
- Replaced: Embedded Internet Browser Engine (faster now).
- Fixed: Blacklist error appearing when the ban time is greater than 23h.
- Added: French Setup Translation.
- Improved: Network_Range Emulator.
- Improved: Help Button Visibility.
- Fixed: Startup Crashing and Freezing.
- Improved: Tunngle Startup.
- Added: Latvian Community Translation. (14.02.2012)

– Fixed: Unintelligible chat messages appearing in the network chat.
- Fixed: Client:Private_Networks activation code generation.
- Fixed: Obsolete language strings.
- Added: Protocol command to join password-less Private Networks (Syntax: tunngle://JoinPrivNet NetworkName).
- Added: Launcher command to join password-less Private Networks (Syntax: [Tunngle]\Launcher.exe JoinPrivNet NetworkName).
- Added: Client:Private_Networks list button.
- Improved: Tunngle client master-server connection keepalive.
- Added: Ban by IP command for the chat (Syntax: /BanIP
- Added: Black_List Export and Import. (08.02.2012)

– New: Private Networks.
- New: Right click option to view members' profiles.
- Improved: Social links in the community menu.
- Improved: Peer to peer connection process.
- Fixed: Tunngle connectivity over LAN.
- Fixed: Small issues and stability problems.
- Fixed: CPU load when sorting nicknames. (12.12.2011)

– Added: Network_Range Emulator (NRE).
- Improved: Autoscroll automatically disabled on chat focus.
- Updated: Tunngle Desktop Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista.
- Updated: Tunngle Official Language Pack.
- Fixed: Flickering and freezing chat on busy networks. (25.11.2011)

– Added: Tunngle Desktop Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista.
- Changed: The Tunngle Service is now started on demand.
- Fixed: Network Join and Version Checking issues. (14.10.2011)

– Fixed an issue with the integrated web browser.
- Fixed an issue with the Tunngle API.
- The network join process has been improved.
- The client skin engine has been updated. (04.08.2011)

– Installer tweaks and fixes.
- Adapter driver signature certificate update.
- Port test is now working correctly.
- Account type icons for the network nick list.
- Ping sorting for the network nick list.
- Network nick list tooltips now show more information.
- A network full message now appears when attempting to join a full network.
- The Tunngle Client now verifies the compatibility with the Service before starting up. (15.07.2011)

– Added new Windows IP API functions. (15.06.2011)

– Fixed an ARP issue that occurred in Windows XP.
- The Tunngle update download link now points to right location.
- Improvements to the Help Button. (08.06.2011)

– New Logos and Icons.
- IP Address is now shown correctly in the client.
- New API functions.
- API support for GameMaker 8.1.
- Tunngle API fixes.
- Support for skin branding and right sidebar color patterns.
- Italian installer.
- Server stability improvements.
- Language fixes.
- Command line parameters for the game launcher.
- New progress bar appearance.
- New skin engine.
- OpenSSL library update.
- Signup link is now clearer.
- Blacklist nick search is working again.
- NetFilter.dll update (firstdata event).
- Better routing.
- ARP cache firewall protection is no longer a problem.
- Tunngle download link now points to the new website.
- Service startup can now be debugged.
- ARP fixes and improvements.
- New troubleshooting information is written to the debug.log.
- Support for Windows firewall network locations.
- Port forwarding option is now handled correctly.
- Improvements to the Internet adapter detection and to the connection.
- Failsafe modes for the Internet adapter detection and for the connection.
- Game launcher button is now displayed correctly.
- Improvements to the master server connection probing.
- Internal protocol enhancements.
- Improvements to the Tunngle adapter probing.
- The help button now blinks when joining a network.
- Custom skins are now an optional download.
- Internal browser calls are now handled properly and do not cause IE windows to open anymore. (22.11.2010)

– Tunngle Interlink implementation.
- New Web Services Integration.
- Added „Game Launcher“ and „Video Tutorial Button“ in network view.
- Added Wiki Help button.
- Error message-boxes reworked and improved.
- UPnP now supports more than one PC in the same network.
- Added new commands to the Laucher.exe startup interface.
- Tweaks to the chat flood filter.
- Fixed a LSP-Fix issue.
- Added a shortcut to load the network search from the left sidebar.
- Tweaks to the advertising system. (06.07.2010)

– Fixed client startup crash. (02.07.2010)

– Fixed client stratup crash.
- Fixed problem when rotating fallback ports.
- Improved update process. (If a new version is available the file will be downloaded directly)
- Added sorting to bookmarks.
- Added sorting to the network nick list.
- Added country specific Ads for the client. (23.06.2010)

– Added lobbies for some languages.
- Fixed server failure which shows wrong user count in networks.
- Added time controlled blacklists.
- Added blinking buttons in network listing.
- Added local network logging funktion. (12.06.2010) (unofficial Developer-Release)

– Added Tunngle control API.
- Added launcher for command line parameters.
- Added windows protocol handler for Tunngle (23.03.2010)

– The Banner rotation is now stopped when the Tunngle window is inactive (for example when running games).
- The video player can now be closed to save recources and the browser performance was improved.
- Removed the right click menus in the web frames. (19.03.2010)

– Added Layered Service Provider (LSP) check and repair
- Updated skin engine with layer and transparency effects
- Fixed an issue with the automatic adapter selection at startup
- Added Banner Feature
- Added option to enable/disable the new Tunngle Web Signature
- Fixed a deadlock issue with concurrent game traffic and chat
- Added new user interface for enhanced usability
- Fixed a sporadic finalizing issue (14.02.2010)

– Fixed a bug that occurred when accessing an enabled port
- Fixed a bug that occurred when connecting to an enabled port
- Fixed bug that occurred when connecting two or more clients in a normal LAN
- Fixed some finalizing issues and accelerated the process
- Own nickname is now displayed correctly
- Port_Forward Test in offline mode is now disabled
- Fixed a refresh bug in the bookmarks tab
- Fixed an issue with incomplete Tunngle closure on shutdown
- Several installer enhancements
- Fixed an issue on joining and leaving networks
- Runtime User data can now be found in registry
- Sounds are now muted when joining a network
- Fixed a freeze that occurred occasionally when joining a network
- Fixed an issue when a client could become stuck on version checking
- Fixed a server issue for better p2p connection stability
- Improved logging completeness for the debug.log dump
- Optimized the p2p connection build up in relation to Port_Forward
- Fixed a Port_Forward issue with the p2p connection build up
- Added multilingual tray icon menu options
- Added a pop-up to notify that a new version is available
- Tunngle now works under restricted user accounts
- Added an option to display the current active network of your messenger contacts
- Tunngle now checks UPnP availability upon the first startup
- Help and info wizard integrated
- Integrated some fall-back TCP Ports for the outbound connection to the main server
- Added language detection on the first Tunngle startup
- Added an adapter failsafe Wizard to troubleshoot incomplete installations (31.12.2009)

– Added favorites for Networks.
- Fixed crash on closing Tunngle if skin tab is open.
- Solved problem sorting networks in the network browser.
- Fixed port forwarding issues.
- Added event planer button to the start page.
- Tunngle doesn't block the PC shutdown or reboot anymore.
- Solved a problem adding Tunnglers to the Black_List.
- ICMP check to server removed.
- English texts will be loaded if texts are missing in the actual language file.
- Flood protection added in chat.
- Black_List info texts will be shown only one time.
- Solved an installer problem.
- Fixed a problem with groups in messenger. (19.12.2009)

– Fixed automatic service start issue. (18.12.2009)

– Adapter is now correctly given a name under Windows 7 and Vista.
- Fixed UPnP port forwarding issues.
- Optimized Port_Forward options panel.
- Improved network nick list.
- Nick list is now resizable.
- Added option to copy the selected IP to clipboard in the nick list right click menu. (11.12.2009)

– Added multilingual support.
- Added languages.
- Added more skins.
- Updated Skin Engine.
- Fixed some installation issues.
- Fixed the adapter name.
(now it's Tunngle)
- Added B-Class Emulator.
- Fixed an error in C-Class Emulator.
- Solved some server problems.
- Optimized the adapter handler.
(speeds up the startup)
- The forwarded port is now checked for validity.
- Updated digital signatures certificates.
- Removed Lobby auto join at startup.
- Solved a problem with automatic reconnection.
- Fixed some other bugs. (19.09.2008)

– Beta Release