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5.8.4 (22.12.2015)

 – Updated: New driver signature for the players that were having issues installing the adapter.

5.8.3 (07.12.2015)

 – Fixed: Zugriffsverletzung error appearing at runtime.
 – Fixed: Adapter Signature missing on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

5.8.2 (04.12.2015)

 – Added: Driver is now signed by Microsoft (should solve Windows driver signature error).

5.8.1 (30.11.2015)

 – Fixed: Access violation error popping up during Tunngle.
 – Fixed: Network game launcher button doesn't work.
 – Fixed: Network Adapter Driver Signature error.

5.8 (27.11.2015)

 – Improved: Adapter signature error on some systems.
 – New: Advanced login form.
 – New: Start page help system (please help us translate on the forum).
 – New: Start page services (video, forum, game launch, help).
 – Fixed: Start fail with non-sse2 processor.
 – Updated: Tunngle.Net GmbH certificate renewal.
 – Fixed: Sponsor window can't be closed.

5.7 (27.10.2015)

 – Added: Option to manually select the Adapter for Local Connections.
 – Improved: Local network peer discovery.
 – Added: Parental control.
 – Added: Client now saves Window Position.
 – Improved: Client and Server stability.

5.6 (25.09.2015)

 – Added: Solution for handling Tunngle Adapter problems on Windows 10.
 – Added: Tunngle Basic Plus Feature.
 – Added: Chat Tips.
 – Improved: Content support for the embedded web browser.
 – Fixed: Issue joining some Networks.
 – Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat can cause problems.

5.5 (27.08.2015)

 – Fixed: Issue with the ARP Controller.
 – Fixed: Direct chat messages windows stealing focus from each other.
 – Improved: Media content support for the embedded web browser.

5.4 (25.08.2015)

 – Improved: Client Advertising System for a better User Experience.
 – Improved: Tunngle Network Adapter Controller for greater Stability and Performance.
 – Added: Network Broadcast Compatibility Tool for an improved game discovery support (Assetto Corsa etc.).

5.3 (14.07.2015)

 – New: Chromium Embedded Framework 3.
 – Improved: Client Stability and Performance.

5.2 (10.03.2015)

 – Fixed: The client freezes on startup.

5.1 (17.01.2015)

 – Fixed: Incoming direct chat window minimizes full screen games.
 – Added: Manual Reconnection for Tunngle Basics.
 – Added: Automatic Reconnection for Premium members.
 – Added: Automatic Updater for Premium members.
 – Fixed: Wrong program name in Windows „Add or Remove Programs“.
 – Fixed: Port Forward port is set to 0 on updating.
 – Added: Integrated G2A Game Buy option.
 – Fixed: Message-box loop when switching from a network to another one.
 – Fixed: Russian Setup download panel is not showing Cyrillic characters.
 – Fixed: Adapter detection routines.
 – Fixed: Adapter updating issues.
 – Improved: Switched to the Unicode Installer for better multi-language support.
 – Fixed: Black-list is not properly parsed when a blacklisted player reconnects to a network.
 – Fixed: Slow/broken setup downloads when using the on-line installer.
 – Fixed: The detach lobby window button remains pressed after the first click.
 – Fixed: Detached lobbies are not updating properly when a member joins or leave.
 – Fixed: Detached lobby notifications are not working.
 – Improved: Integrated web frames loading process.
 – Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat can cause an error message and a crash.
 – Fixed: Hovering a member ID in the chat does not properly show the action menu.
 – Fixed: Community banner rotation steals focus from the network chat input box.
 – Fixed: Cannot join a chat lobby after leaving it.

5.0 (03.11.2014)

 – Left Beta Status
 – New: Premium Subscription support.
 – New: Tunngle White Skin.
 – Improved: Network and Lobbies now have the same feature set (colors, icons etc.).
 – Improved: Private Network Control Panel
 – New: Chat Lobbies can now be detached into a separate window.
 – Improved: New Language Pack.
 – Fixed: Interlink issues.
 – New: Friends are now highlighted in the Network Nick List (Premium Feature).
 – Improved: More time to read tooltips.
 – New: Interlink Servers are now grouped.
 – New: Option to automatically allow or deny Friend Requests.
 – Improved: Graphical User Interface Menus.
 – Improved: Black List handler.
 – Improved: An incredible number of minor improvements and bugfixes.